Ready to jump into the chance to have your own personal coach to help you kickstart your health goals, but not quite ready to commit to a full 12 weeks?

The Mindful Mindset: 4-Week Kickstart is perfect for you!

Get four personal one-on-one session designed specifically to help you get started.

Together we will:

  • discover your true motivation
  • uncover the perfect vision of your future self
  • explore mindful health practices
  • combat self-sabotage so you can keep moving forward.

Just like in all my signature systems, you will have
the right system, the right support and the right accountability
to help you achieve your goals.


The right steps to take to help you achieve your goals from a place of love and self-acceptance without deprivation and the power to create lasting change.


The exact right individualized support to help you make lasting habit change.


Have a dedicated accountability partner who holds you to your commitments and helps you stay on track.


Four Weekly Sessions

Your program includes 4 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions that can happen over the phone or on a video call.

Along with focusing on your individual health & wellness goals, each week's session will focus on a new concept with specific practices and ideas that will move you towards a more loving relationship with your body and an increased feeling of health and well-being.


Between sessions, you will have personal access to me through email throughout the program. You will receive additional curated information and worksheets that will keep you moving forward in your work.


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