why you don’t want a health coach

(or: "Why I Didn't...But Have Loved Root and Branch!")

Written by Alyson B. of Portland, Oregon

These are the reasons why I didn't think I would want a health coach, and what REALLY happened when I worked with Genét!

1. I didn't like the idea of having another person to "be accountable to" or to let down if I failed.
-- This was why I didn't choose my husband for this job. :c) I thought if you have a point person, you end up feeling guilty around them. However, my sessions with Genét were always uplifting and fun, like going to a book club at a restaurant and talking about options and feelings. Um, yes, please.

2. I wasn't actually sure I wanted to eat any differently, to be honest!
-- I was certain a lot of my happiness and energy came from eating foods that I thought were going to be off limits. Genét started with getting more positive foods and behaviors IN (rather than negatives out), and my desires actually changed. And I am still able to eat my beloved chocolate without the subsequent energy crash.

3. I thought people who said, "I don't feel hungry anymore!" or "Now I feel light after my meals instead of heavy!" were either a) phonies or b) people had psychological issues with food that prevented them from knowing the joys of fullness. Yeah, I'm cynical.
I remember when, in my progress, I first felt "light" after a meal: I felt like a teenager again, like I was totally full and satisfied--not "pretend-full"--and yet felt skinny and energetic. Yep, it still sounds phony. How can I say that better?!

4. I am a firm believer in scientific studies and controls, and have reservations about some of the food theories out there.
-- This is a curated experience. Genét looks through lots of material, scientific and otherwise, to present to you and help you make your own best decisions. Mostly she and I actually didn't talk about food or theories much!!--more about motivations, attitudes about food, etc. It was fun.

Basic tenets for eating included greater reliance on proteins, vegetables, and whole grains (rather than flour forms) and other things that are well accepted in the scientific community. I loved the kinds of tasks she assigned, like creating a talisman that reflected my true motivations, or trying to be more curious about my decisions and desires than judgmental.

5. I kind of already knew what I should be doing. I could just do that on my own.
Yeah, we do know, don't we? And how's that working out for us? :c)

Having weekly uplifting phone sessions with a coach made the difference between wishful thinking or sporadic efforts and really getting momentum.

If you go to church, you know the difference between having that weekly re-visiting of your desires & principles versus "going it on your own." Even when I went in thinking, "I'm so sorry, I really had some setbacks..." she ended up showing me what I had learned and achieved and I always felt like I was making progress.

6. I have doubts I will ever really succeed at this point.
-- Genét's your gal. :c)

One thing she said to me was that "how we approach food (and exercise) is often how we approach everything." For me, that was enthusiastic, inconsistent, self-reproachful, eclectic, emotional, compulsive, and occasionally brilliant.:c) Which is how I think I am at a lot of things in life! Addressing how I do one thing is carrying over into how I do everything. Genét has been SO wise and helpful. -- I strongly recommend her for an improved life!

Good luck, and have fun!

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