why hire a transformational coach?

Why would you choose to work with me as your personal life & health coach?

Most of know the changes we would like to make in our lives, but change can be hard. We start and stop. We feel guilty because we don't do better. We wish things were different but we don't know how to make the change stick. We don't know how to look at the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are creating our feelings, actions and results.

As a coach, I can help you examine your beliefs and your motivation. We can will examine how you can approach your life and your health from a place of love and acceptance. I will help you develop the right system for bringing change easily and comfortably into your life, and the support and accountability you need to make that change lasting.

And why would you care that I'm trained in the "transformational coaching method"?

Most coaching models teach:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Identify ways to solve the problem or to remove obstacles. In other words, they offer a set of obstacle-removing tools.
  3. Lastly, they may identify what the client really wants from life.

This framework can lead to amazing breakthroughs. The problem is that the breakthroughs are frequently temporary in nature. They feel good in the moment, but old patterns eventually come rushing back. As the client, you end up having to create the same breakthrough over and over again.

The Difference with Transformational Coaching:

  1. Together we identify what it is you truly want and why.
  2. We look for the obstacles, roadblocks, and underlying beliefs that are keeping you from getting what you want.
  3. I will teach you the tools necessary for removing those obstacles and creating the new life you really want in an easy, doable way.

As we work through the transformational coaching process together, I am not just giving you “advice” for solving a problem. Obstacles to success are literally removed, and you will approach the situation in a completely new way. You will create new neural pathways and naturally approach life differently. I will help you to grow towards what you want, instead of away from what you don't want.

Step One: Stepping Back
The first step in the process is to move from being in a situation to being an observer of a situation. This involves getting some distance between you and  your thoughts, your way of thinking about your circumstance. This distance opens up the opportunity to see a situation from a new perspective. From this new perspective, you are able to see and create more choices and possibilities in your life. You shift your paradigm so you can look at the circumstance with curiosity and compassion, rather than simply reacting automatically.

Step Two: Letting Go
The core of transformation is a continual process of letting go. It gives you a way to release old beliefs and to create new ones. You are able to create new & different pathways in the brain so you default to a new thought pattern, rather than the old one that was causing you pain. This new thought pattern allows you to change without willpower and discipline. You are just different.

Step Three: Say Yes to Self
This step is about anchoring in new beliefs that reflect your true self. You gain an even deeper understanding of who you truly are, and you get to choose what you want to believe about yourself and your life. You will discover how to say yes to your truth in all kinds of ways in your health and your life. You have the opportunity to embrace self-acceptance and to say yes to your truth without worrying that you are going to lose love, safety, or belonging.

Step Four: Take Empowered Action
When you feel completely grounded in yourself and in your truth, you are in the perfect place to take empowered action.  Taking action from a place of fear, "not enoughness," doubt, confusion or worry does not create lasting change. This is why action cannot be the first step in the process. Once you have been able to step back, let go of old thoughts & beliefs, and start saying yes to yourself, then you are in a place to take true empowered action.

Step Five: Setting Up Accountability
This step in the coaching process is about setting up accountability, or in other words -- support and stretch. As a coach, I will offer continual support with love and compassion:  "You can do this. Everything is fine. I’m sorry this is hard."

But I also also offer "stretch," or just the right amount of challenge: "I know you have more inside of you, and I’m challenging you to bring it out." We each need the right balance of support and stretch in order to be successful. Together we will use this balance to set up accountability so that success is inevitable.

With these five steps in place, the possibility of true transformation, real lasting change, becomes a reality.

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