simple turkey bone broth

Sometimes we think that cooking healthy recipes has to be hard or complicated. Sometimes that is the case, but there are definitely times when it is super simple. And bone broth is one of those things. It literally could not easier!

For instance, if you had turkey yesterday for Thanksgiving, simply remove the cooked meat from the bone. Put the bones in your slow cooker, fill with water, and let it cook on low overnight up to 48 hours. About 24 is ideal for getting all the gelatin, vitamins and minerals out of the bones. Strain out the bones and the broth is ready to use.

If you want the broth to be more flavorful so you can drink it on its own, you can add an onion, garlic, carrots and/or garlic to the pot before you start to cook. But it is not necessary to get the health benefits of bone broth — and to be honest, I just like to keep it simple and easy.

You can use the broth immediately to make soup with your leftover turkey meat, or you can freeze the broth to use later. Use with any of your favorite soup recipes.

You can do the same thing with any bones – when you buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco or when you barbeque some t-bone steaks.

The benefits of bone broth are numerous and well documented: improves nutrient absorption, heals the gut lining, helps with healthy nails, and more. Check out:  Dr. Josh Axe or the Wellness Mama for on the healing powers of bone broth.



  1. Red

    we have started storing bone broth now because of all the healthy benefits that has been rounding the internet. I have added onion,garlic, cayenne pepper, carrots, ginger extract to it and it ended up flavorful. Awesome!

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