why root & branch?

I have been thinking about becoming a health coach for quite a few years. The timing was finally right this fall and I took the plunge.

Coaching felt like just the right combination of my social work/counseling background with the health & nutrition experience that I have gained through my own personal health journey. So I signed up for a course to learn how to communicate that knowledge through transformational coaching.

I wanted the name of my coaching practice to reflect who I am and my philosophy around coaching.

Root and Branch - and the image of a tree - felt perfect.

I have always loved the symbolism of the Tree, reflecting for some the love of God, the life-giving power of Mother Nature, or sacred beauty of the Feminine Divine.

The branches are the outward circumstances of our lives, the way we live our lives in the world.

But those actions come from the roots, deep underneath - our thoughts, our beliefs, our inner wisdom. This is where true lasting change takes place - and is then manifest to the world in our leaves and branches.

It is vital to nourish both root and branch and that is what we'll do together here.

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