Presence: a root & branch body wisdom retreat

presence: a root & branch body wisdom retreat

Presence Retreat Whole Group
All the wonderful women at Presence!

What an amazing weekend!

Ten wonderful women joined us for our first Root & Branch Body Wisdom Retreat -- PRESENCE.

Each woman individually brought something special and unique to the retreat and we are so grateful that each of them took the time to be there with us and to practice being fully present in the moment, both in body and spirit.

We did yoga on the patio with sound of the soothing ocean waves behind us.

Presence Retreat Yoga
Doing yoga outside on the patio, listening to the ocean.

We walked on the beach and stuck our toes in the cool ocean water.

We practiced bringing our minds to stillness, simply by following our breath and allowing thoughts to pass through our minds as if in a bubble.

We connected with old friends and made new ones.

Presence Retreat
May 2018 Rockaway Weekend Retreat

We attempted to be more mindful and deliberate as we found pleasure in delicious food that honored our bodies.

We shared stories and experiences, hearthaches and joys. We laughed and joked, and even played a little dress-up!

Wig Fun at Presence
Talk about transformation! -- Unexpected fun with wigs

We had so much fun that we are already busy planning the next one!

Rockaway Beach, Presence Retreat
We walked right outside the backdoor onto the beach.

You are enough.

One powerful theme from the weekend that emerged from our conversations was the idea that you have everything you need already inside of you.

All you have to do is figure out how to access the answers.

You are enough as you are right now. You have enough time. You have enough resources. You ARE enough.

Be still, tune in, and allow that abundance to flow into your life.

Plant the Seed: a 14-day body wisdom experiment
Plant the Seed: a 14-day body wisdom experiment, May 29 - June 11, 2018

We hope that we can each take a piece of this weekend and bring it more fully into our every day lives, even if it's just in small ways.

If you were at the retreat and want to continue to focus on mindfulness and body wisdom --

Or if you were unable to join us and you wish to start exploring some of these ideas with a group of like-minded individuals --

PLEASE join us for Plant the Seed: a 14-day body wisdom experiment.

Plant the Seed is a group online experience that allows you the opportunity to tune in your own body's wisdom and start to connect with what feels the most nourishing to you.

Instead of being prescribed what to to do by someone else, as a Plant the Seed participant, you will decide on 2 -3 things that you would like to bring more abundantly into your life (food, movement, meditation, mindfulness, rest...) and 2-3 things you would like to experiment with removing for a short time (sugar, gluten, dairy, social media, overwhelm...).

We will experiment with these changes as a group and practice tuning into the subtle shifts that take place as we make this changes. We will get CURIOUS about why we are attracted to certain foods and behaviors and why others create such a block for us. We will try to understand what brings energy and abundance into our lives, and what takes away from that energy and creates scarcity.

Plant the Seed will consist of three online Zoom classes that you can access using any web browser.

  • Tuesday, May 29, 1 pm, pacific time
  • Monday, June 4, 1 pm, pacific time
  • Monday, June 11, 1 pm, pacific time

You can join the class live and ask questions during the workshop. However, if you can't join live, you will be emailed a link to watch it anytime that is convenient for you.

You will receive a printable PDF workbook to use throughout the course with daily journal prompts to walk you through the process simply and easily.

You will also be invited to participate in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, request recipes, float ideas, and share observations.

At the end of the two weeks, you will have a 20-minute private one-on-one coaching session with me to discuss what shifted for you during the experiment and what you would like to do with that information going forward.

Because this is a BETA TEST group (meaning it is the first time I am running this new program), the investment in yourself is ONLY $37 for everything.

Also as a beta test group, I am looking for lots of feedback and suggestions on what you like about the program, what you would like to see added or changed, and what additional information would be helpful.

If you have any curiosity at all about health coaching or about body wisdom, this is an excellent opportunity to try it out for only a small investment and a short timeframe.

I would LOVE to have you join us for Plant the Seed.

Registration closes on Sunday, May 27th so sign up today!

Sign up for Plant the Seed by Sunday, May 27th!

Registration is super simple online or send Genét an email for more information at