I've loved working together with Genét these past few months. She is a great listener, and I feel she developed a program just for me. She is very passionate, not just about nutrition, but helping you understand your own relationship with food and your body and all that can be wrapped up in that and guides you in developing the healthy relationships you need to feel your best physically, mentally and emotionally. She's helped me set very attainable weekly goals that will help create the habits I am wanting in order to reach my long term goals of living happier and healthier. She's wonderful and worth it!

-- Natalie W.

I have worked with Genét and she is Wonderful. She communicates clearly, is endlessly motivating, and kindly holds you accountable to your best, highest self, all while feeling like the friend next door, chatting over some lemonade. She is sincere, full of wisdom, and a gift to anyone and everyone around her. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough.

--Audrey B.

One of the things I have enjoyed about working with Genét is how she works to personalize each session. She obviously took notes and follows up on my previous action steps. She does not push a particular diet plan nor does she have a “magic” pill to sell you. She helps you set reasonable goals for yourself, breaking each week down to manageable steps. If you don’t reach a goal, she helps you rethink your plan without making you feel guilty. She is knowledgable about her subject without having to be an expert in all things.

-- Nancy J.

Working with Genét is an absolute delight! For once, instead of deprivation and guilt, I am adding abundance and real progress into my life. Genét’s volume of specific and pertinent knowledge, along with her caring interest, make each session a strengthening uplift. She is the kind of coach who makes you feel like you have a whole team on your side!

-- Alyson B.

For more about why Alyson was apprehensive about hiring a health coach and why she feels so differently now, click here.

I wasn’t feeling as healthy as I wanted to be, particularly with frequent acid reflux, lack of energy, and some extra weight that I had gained from living overseas.  I asked Genét to help identify some potential causes of these issues and adjust my eating habits.  She helped me recognize the foods that caused the acid reflux, created congestion at night and increased my level of energy.  I have lost 20 pounds, 10 that I have lost many times through the years and another 10 pounds that I have been carrying for over 20 years.  I sleep better at night and only need to use Pepcid when I socialize with friends or travel, recognizing beforehand the impact of eating something that could negatively impact how I feel.  My wife and I have enjoyed preparing and eating fresh food together.

Genét has been and continues to be an excellent coach, helping me to recognize the impact of my food choices and to maintain a higher level of commitment to my eating habits and exercise during our regular telephone discussions.  I have appreciated her friendly, direct, but subtle manner of health coaching.  I can highly recommend her approach to better health.

-- Byron J.

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat at the beach recently.  I expected that it would be relaxing and enjoyable, but it really did exceed my expectations.  The healthy food was delicious, the yoga classes a reminder how much I love yoga and the meditation a new experience.  Each of the instructors were well informed, interesting and quite professional.  They made each class fun and informative. They put you at ease no matter your age, fitness or knowledge of that particular subject.  They were pros at getting the group to gel and feel comfortable.
There were many concepts that stuck and that will help me live a more healthy life style.  One idea was to savor the food that we eat.  Enjoy our choices while thinking what is good for our bodies, and to listen to our bodies.  I also loved this idea that could apply to how we think of ourselves as well as others. The idea is to replace judgement with curiosity.  Why do we make certain choices?  Why did we eat that particular food knowing we won't feel so great afterwards?  Examine our motives without judgment. Curiosity leads to understanding and a better relationship with ourselves and others.
The energy at the retreat was very positive and uplifting.  It was motivating to improve ourselves, to improve relationships and our lives.
It was wonderful.
-- Kathy L.

I loved everything about the retreat! It has opened my mind to different ways of thinking about my body, food, outlook on the "diet" word. I have found new meal ideas and food not tried before that were delicious.  I am learning to enjoy the journey!

I have lost 20 pounds since the retreat and I don't feel like I am depriving myself, but feeding my body better and, in turn, I feel better about myself because I am more in control of what I am putting in my body.

-- Terry B.

I truly enjoyed being with all three women (Genét, Audrey, & Missy) and the expertise they brought with them. I feel like I have a starting place to build in the three areas (body wisdom, yoga, and meditation). I loved Genét talking at the food counter and sharing her experience. I also loved seeing the way she incorporated simple foods into a lovely presentation. I loved the versatility of quinoa! I would definitely recommend a Root & Branch retreat to others!

-- Lois W.

Praise for Plant the Seed

This two-week experiment is a great way to lay the groundwork for fully engaging in the glorious discovery of how our minds and bodies are connected. Through Genet's guidance it can take on whatever the participant needs, whether it be specific nutrition information, working with mind barriers and emotions, trying new recipes, or just the encouragement to trust that each person has the inner wisdom and ability to succeed.

Aptly named, Plant the Seed gave me the beginnings of what I needed to bring awareness to where I am now, along with the vision of where I want to be.

-- Missy M.

Great experience!

I went into this program hoping to learn how to eat more mindfully and healthfully. The program is very open and freed me from judging myself harshly. I am learning to be curious when I vary from my goals and figure out what my body is trying to tell me. I love that and feel encouraged to continue on this journey.

-- Julie W.

I learned lots about healthful products and techniques to help me reach my personal goals for being more health conscious and how to help my family develop good habits.

-- Charlene M.

This program is a gentle approach to figuring out your own personal health choices. You will feel empowered, not restricted. It is remarkable to realize how unique each of our bodies are and how each of us respond differently to including or eliminating specific foods or health practices.

-- Mary K.