peace is possible

Today has been a very full day, sandwiched between many other very full days.

We are celebrating my youngest child's birthday today. And birthdays are always a pretty big deal in our house, beginning with breakfast in bed.

We are also preparing to go support my husband in his first 100 MILE RACE this weekend which requires a fully off-the-grid camping trip into the mountains for the weekend.

What a way to celebrate your birthday!

I could keep the list of wonderful (and not so wonderful) things we've chosen (and not chosen) to bring into our life running for quite a while. And adding all those things to our already full life has stretched us a bit to say the least. Maybe you can relate?

There have been many times in my life when I've bitten off a little more than I can chew. It's a bit of a habit. But there is a distinct, palpable difference this time.

I am not experiencing overwhelm. I feel calm and peaceful (or at least more often than not.)

I'm still not sure how I will complete everything that needs to be done before we head to the mountains on Friday without cell service for several days to catch a few glimpses of my husband as he races by. But I can honestly say I am not in the vortex of overwhelm.

Running through the mountains

This is an amazing realization for me, because historically I have visited that vortex on a consistent and regular basis. It's always been a regular stop on the roller coaster of my life.

But this time there is something different. I have become a person who notices when overwhelm is starting to creep in, and I have the mental space to choose a different way of looking at the situation -- well, not always, but frequently. 🙂

There is power in mindfulness. There is power in breathing. There is power in curiosity and making space to see your thoughts more clearly. There is power in connection to the Divine or "that which is greater" than oneself.

The circumstances of my life aren't any less challenging and stretching than they have ever been before. But there is space and calm in my brain. There are small moments of self-care. There is gentleness and kindness towards myself and others.

I am just at the beginning of my journey in many ways. So much still to learn. But I am thoroughly enjoying the little island of peace amid the chaos --- the calm in the middle of the storm.

I sat down to simply write a quick note that I had a busy day with a busy weekend ahead, and so I had not written a post yet this week (I'm sure you had been wondering where it was...) and this is what came. So maybe one of you needed to read these thoughts. Or I simply needed to write them down and acknowledge this shift within myself.

Friday is the International Day of Peace. And while I will continue to pray for greater peace throughout the world, I also very much hope that, like me, you will find glimmers of peace and hope within your own heart -- even amid all the chaos that is life.

Want to find more peace by actually stepping away from the rest of your life for a few days?

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