what does it mean to have a healthy gut?

Have you ever wondered --

What does it mean to have a "healthy gut"? And why do I care?

On Friday night one of the members of my Facebook group asked some great questions:

  • How does one know if their gut is healthy/unhealthy?
  • Why does one want a healthy gut?
  • How does one go about healing their gut?

These are big questions with answers that don't fit nicely in a Facebook post.

So I made a video talking about all about gut health.

Two big issues when exploring what it means to have healthy intestines:

  • Gut flora (bacteria) balance
  • Issues of "leaky gut"or intestinal permeability

If you are thinking, what??? Then this video is for you.

A little disclaimer: I am a certified health coach, not a nutritionist. My expertise is in long-lasting habit change and in learning to tune into and trust your own body's inner wisdom. While I had nutrition training in my certification and I use specific health-promoting protocols with my clients (along with simply having a lot of personal experience with gut health) I am not a doctor. You should always consult your doctor if you are experiencing regular digestive distress or before starting a new protocol.

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