Join us on May 4th in Lake Oswego for a one-day mindfulness workshop with Root & Branch.

Awakening Presence:
A Root & Branch Body Wisdom One-Day Intensive Retreat

Lake Oswego, Oregon
May 4, 2019
9:00 am - 7:30 pm

Awaken to being fully present in your life. Experience this fabulous one-day workshop where you can connect with your mind and body. Enjoy amazing views of Portland from a beautiful private home in the hills of south Lake Oswego. This intimate gathering is limited to only 10 women, so reserve your spot now!

  • Reconnect with your body wisdom, examine your relationship with food, and leave with fresh, healthy recipes presented by body wisdom coach, Genét Friess, MSW, CHC.
  • Enjoy soothing, strengthening, alignment-based yoga classes with Audrey Buchanan, RYT yoga instructor.
  • Awaken to the present moment and experience the clarity and richness of life through guided meditations with meditation teacher, Missy McConkie.
If you have wanted to join us for our weekend retreats but you are unable to get away overnight,
this is the perfect opportunity for you to join us for a one-day intensive retreat.
All the elements of our weekend body wisdom retreats condensed down into one wonderful day!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat.  I expected that it would be relaxing and enjoyable, but it really did exceed my expectations.  The healthy food was delicious, the yoga classes a reminder how much I love yoga and the meditation a new experience.  Each of the instructors were well informed, interesting and quite professional.  They made each class fun and informative. They put you at ease no matter your age, fitness or knowledge of that particular subject.  They were pros at getting the group to gel and feel comfortable. The energy at the retreat was very positive and uplifting.  It was motivating to improve ourselves, to improve relationships and our lives. It was wonderful." -- Kathy L.

One-Day Intensive Includes:
  • a full day of classes and experiential activities 
  • two body wisdom classes
  • two yoga sessions
  • three meditation sessions, including a walking meditation
  • mindful eating experiences
  • delicious homemade lunch and dinner
  • learn how to continue your practice at home
  • learn from the experiences of other women just like you
Awakening Retreat
Audrey, Genét, and Missy - Your Workshop Hosts

"This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. What a wonderful way to have self-care and get educated on having a better life. This is SO worth the time and money. It's a priceless experience. " -- Heather R.

Join us for this amazing full-day immersive experience!

The cost for this wonderful full-day is on $195.*
Email Genét for more information and to reserve your spot today.

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"I loved everything about the retreat! It has opened my mind to different ways of thinking about my body, food, and outlook on the 'diet' word. I have found new meal ideas and food not tried before that were delicious.  I am learning to enjoy the journey! I have lost 20 pounds since the retreat and I don't feel like I am depriving myself, but feeding my body better and, in turn, I feel better about myself because I am more in control of what I am putting in my body." -- Terry B.



9:00 am Arrival & check-in

9:30 am Workshop begins
Classes on meditation, yoga and mindful eating

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Walking meditation
Yoga and body wisdom classes

5:30 pm Dinner
Closing meditation and reflections

Concluded by 7:30 pm

Comfortable Yoga Clothing


Please Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Pen
  • Yoga mat and strap (please let us know if you need to borrow either of these)
  • Coat & shoes suitable for walking outside
  • Cushion for meditation (optional)

"This retreat was life-changing. It brought me the peace and confidence to move through the chaos of life with the knowledge that I am enough." -- Natasha C.


Come join us on May 4th
for this 
wonderful full-day intensive retreat!

Only $195.*
Only 10 spots available.

Sign up today!

"What a gift this experience has been - my body, mind and soul feel beautifully nourished. I've been yearning to practice the art of being calm but have struggled to know how to achieve this. The unique opportunity of learning mindful eating, meditation, and yoga completely resonated with my entire being. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to this new way of being." -- Pamela R.

Genét Friess, Body Wisdom Coach

"I truly enjoyed being with all three women (Genét, Audrey, & Missy) and the expertise they brought with them. I feel like I have a starting place to build in the three areas (body wisdom, yoga, and meditation). I loved Genét talking at the food counter and sharing her experience. I also loved seeing the way she incorporated simple foods into a lovely presentation. I loved the versatility of quinoa! I would definitely recommend a Root & Branch retreat to others!" -- Lois W.

Presence Retreat Yoga

"Amazing! [The retreat] exceeded my expectations. Everything was so rich. I loved the classes and the synergistic experience from the trio of classes as well as the group of women and the closeness we all now have. I feel so enriched. Thank you!" -- Courtney A.

"A fantastic experience! It met all my expectations and hopes... The food was sensational. The bonding [of the group] was so special and the classes were life changing. It wasn't all new to me, but it's so helpful to do it in this setting with great people." -- Melody A.

Root & Branch Body Wisdom Retreat Facilitators
Escape the winter blues and join us this January!

"What a wonderful few days of abundance. Spending time and meeting new women from different backgrounds. This is always powerful. Food, yoga, meditation all together. What a benefit!" -- Linda W.

About Your Workshop Facilitators

Genét Friess, MSW, CHC, is a body wisdom coach who helps women and men feel AMAZING in their own bodies through tuning into their own body wisdom and honoring what their individual body needs and wants, so they can step out of confusion and overwhelm -- and step into trust, peace, and health. She has a masters degree in social work, and she is certified as a health coach and as a life coach through the Health Coach Institute. Coaching provides the perfect opportunity to use her social work counseling skills in combination with the nutrition knowledge she gained through her training, as well as her own personal health journey. She works with clients one-on-one and in groups, giving them the system, support, and accountability they need to make lasting habit change — all without diets or counting anything! Genét’s gentle, but powerful approach to coaching will allow you to discover for yourself what you need to be at peace with your body, your food, and your health. When she’s not coaching, Genét loves experimenting in the kitchen, hiking outdoors, and spending time with her family, and practicing yoga & meditation (as taught by her fabulous teachers, Audrey & Missy). She loves chocolate and makes it a part of her health practice to enjoy it every day! Follow her on Instragram @rootandbranchcoaching.

"What a wonderful three days I experienced with you and all the other beautiful women. I am still amazed at the wealth of knowledge you have about nutrition. I have tried a few recipes at this point... My husband and I are thrilled to have these meals in our lives. You are a beautiful woman inside and out." -- Linda W.

Audrey Buchanan has a university background in Social Work and children's early social/emotional development. As a RYT yoga instructor, Audrey teaches Alignment-based Yoga because proper form leads to maximum benefit and minimizes the risk of injury. She enjoys yoga for both its slow physical strengthening and its physiologically calming properties. She works with yoga clients one on one and in group classes as well, and can craft sequences for particular individual needs. Audrey lives in Lake Oswego with her sweet husband and four busy children. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, running, and reading, but mostly napping. She talks in her sleep and is addicted to Starbucks hot chocolate (don’t tell Genét). She is so excited to work with and learn from everyone here this weekend! Follow her on Instagram @yogayourway.lakeoswego.

"I loved doing yoga outside. All of the sessions were instructive and I love Audrey's calm demeanor and how gentle she takes it." -- Pat R.

Missy McConkie was drawn to meditation nearly a decade ago when chronic pain and a major life transition left her feeling desperate, foggy, and hopeless of ever feeling well again. What first felt like a shattered world and a dissolved foundation has led to an exquisite path of awakening, clarity, and love. Of course not every moment is quiet contemplation; Missy loves both playing and teaching music, playing with her three kids, working with a local non-profit, and eating anything that Genét makes.

"I loved the meditation workshops. I appreciated Missy's willingness to be so personally vulnerable. Her intelligence brought it all forward." --Kaaren P.

Join us for this amazing full-day immersive experience!

The cost for this wonderful full-day is on $195.*
Email Genét for more information and to reserve your spot today.

* Up to 30 days prior to the workshop (April 4), you may cancel your registration and receive a full refund, minus a $50 non-refundable processing fee. After April 4, no cancellations or refunds are possible, however you may transfer your reservation to another person.

To find out more, check out the video of our last weekend root & branch body wisdom retreat in January below.