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Welcome to root & branch

Hello! I'm Genét Friess, MSW. (pronounced "Jenae Freece", in case you were wondering. My first name is French, so think beret and beignet and other such lovely words.)
I am a body wisdom coach working with women who want to truly love their bodies and trust their own inner wisdom to bring optimal health and wellness into their lives.

Do you want to feel completely at home in your body and truly love & appreciate who you are without comparison to others? Do you want to experience everything life has to offer without your health holding you back?

Join me for a deep dive into truly loving and caring for yourself!

More About Me

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Praise for root & branch

  • Working with Genét is an absolute delight! For once, instead of deprivation and guilt, I am adding abundance and real progress into my life. Genét’s volume of specific and pertinent knowledge, along with her caring interest, make each session a strengthening uplift. She is the kind of coach who makes you feel like you have a whole team on your side!

    Alyson B.
  • I've loved working together with Genét these past few months. She is a great listener, and I feel she developed a program just for me. She is very passionate, not just about nutrition, but helping you understand your own relationship with food and your body and all that can be wrapped up in that and guides you in developing the healthy relationships you need to feel your best physically, mentally and emotionally. She's helped me set very attainable weekly goals that will help create the habits I am wanting in order to reach my long term goals of living happier and healthier. She's wonderful and worth it!

    Natalie W.
  • Genét is a gentle, consistent motivator. She comes from a place of sincerity and integrity about her work and always made sure to reflect back my words and be sure she was understanding me correctly. She prompted me to think of things in different ways and enlarge my thinking, while encouraging me to be patient with myself and my progress towards greater health. I always looked forward to our sessions together because she's a great listener and I knew she would have a myriad of fresh ideas for stretching me to become my best self. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve themselves and live a more abundant life.

    Audrey B.

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